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Honey Bee Swarms


Swarm season is here! In spring, honey bee colonies reproduce by splitting their colonies in half via a process called swarming. One half stays behind in their original hive. The other half seeks out a new home. Upon departure, the swarm will temporarily settle as a huge ball of bees, usually on a branch, railing, post, mailbox, etc.

If you see a honey bee swarm, IMMEDIATELY contact your neighborhood beekeeper or call Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association Swarm Hotline: 812-369-0401.

A beekeeper will collect the swarm and give it a proper home. While intimidating, swarms are typically not dangerous and can be observed safely from a respectful distance.

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Honey Bees In Walls Or Structures
Unfortunately, honey bee swarms sometimes take up residence where they are not wanted. If you have honey bees living in a wall, porch column, chimney or other structure, we encourage homeowners to have the bees removed by a a licensed and insured professional, who can relocate them properly. We recommend Georgia Bee Removal. 

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