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This March, The City of Decatur and Bee City USA-Decatur, GA (a.k.a. Beecatur) invites Decaturites to join residents of other cities nationwide in taking a month off from mowing to help feed pollinators. With roots in Great Britain, the initiative — originally called “No Mow May” — was launched in the U.S. in 2020 by the Bee City USA affiliate in Appleton, WI. It received widespread media attention in 2022 and many wondered if the program would eventually come to Decatur.


“Allowing flowering spring lawn plants like dandelions, violets, dead nettle, hen bit and others to grow unchecked for a month provides vital forage for pollinating insects at a time when food is otherwise in short supply,” says Peter Helfrich, chair of Decatur’s Bee City USA committee. “In Decatur, our spring pollinators begin to emerge in late February or early March, depending on the weather. Not mowing in May would do little to support them.” 


But by choosing to forgo mowing during March, Decatur residents can help sustain honey bees, mason bees, mining bees, bumble bees, and other early spring pollinator species.


To let their neighbors know and to help spread the word, residents participating in No Mow March can pick up a FREE yard sign at the City of Decatur Public Works building (2635 Talley Street).


Observing No Mow March is a great start to helping pollinators in Decatur. To take the next step, Helfrich suggests adding native plants to your landscaping, and reducing or eliminating insecticide and herbicide use.


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