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Community Volunteer Work Day, 7/21!

Mark your calendars for two upcoming community volunteer work dates at the Willow Lane Pollinator Habitat (the site is at the corner of Willow Lane and Superior Ave. — 115 Willow Lane, Decatur, GA 30030).

On this coming Saturday, 7/21, we'll have a brief meeting to discuss plans, and do weeding and mulching of the existing planted areas. This should be a relatively short work day. Hoping we can get it done 10 am - Noon. Bring gloves, trowels, weeding tools, etc. (write your name on anything you bring to avoid confusion!)

Then, on September 8th, using funds recently secured through two grants, we'll undertake a second planting session. This will require more time. An online volunteer sign up will be posted as the date gets closer.

Mark your calendars! Pass the word! See you there!

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