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Our speaker at Beecatur's April meeting was Dennis Krusac, Regional Endangered Species Specialist and Pollinator Conservation Coordinator at the USDA Forest Service. Dennis and his wife Jackie Belwood, Assistant Professor of Biology at Georgia Highlands College, are the founding members of the Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership (GAPP). He spoke about pollinators and the group's work to conserve them throughout the metro Atlanta region. He also showed a portion of his presentation "The Greater Atlanta Pollinator Partnership: A Model for Urban Pollinator Conservation." You can check it out here.

GAPP's overarching mission is to create and restore viable pollinator habitats around Atlanta for butterflies, bees, moths, bats, hummingbirds, and other beneficial insects and animals. GAPP works with residential neighborhoods, schools, colleges and universities, local businesses, nature centers, houses of worship, and parks to educate and inform about pollinator conservation.

Thinking of planting a pollinator garden? The site includes guidelines for choosing plant species, resources and planting guides and a wealth of information about pollinators and other animal species that will make your garden home. 

Once your garden is established, register it via GAPP's interactive map and watch as you and your pollinator patch become an important part of the urban conservation network to preserve pollinators across Atlanta!

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