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Willow Lane Pollinator Habitat Spruce Up

Before and after! What a difference a few hours of weeding and some mulch can make!

Despite early morning rains, the sky cleared and we were able to accomplish some long overdue weeding and mulching at the Willow Lane site this past Saturday morning. Big THANK YOUs to Judith, Claudia, Angie and Susan! We were all dirty -- but undeterred! A mountain of grass and weeds were removed and 60 bags of mulch spread. And not a moment too soon, too! Inside the CoD Focus magazine's July/August issue is the city's Annual Report section -- page 8 of the annual report has a mention about the habitat! Stop by and see it (corner of Willow Lane and Superior Ave). Please mark your calendars for Saturday, September 8th, 10 am. -- We'll be doing a much bigger work day and doing a second round of plant installation at Willow Lane. Spread the word. Volunteers are needed! Many hands make light work! This upcoming work day will be the main topic of discussion at our August Beecatur meeting (8/13, 7pm, Wylde Center). We'll also have a speaker on hand from the Georgia Native Plant Society! Join us! See you there!

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