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Events made possible
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support of

Tree Experts

• Between June 18 and 24, visit the featured Decatur businesses listed below 

• Find the "Bee At Home In Decatur" Scavenger Hunt poster at each business

• Each poster will feature one word clue that's part of our secret nine-word pollinator week Scavenger Hunt phrase

• Collect all nine words and assemble them to complete the Scavenger Hunt phrase

• Submit your answer phrase via the web form below for a chance to win a variety of pollinator week prizes -- including books, coffee, t-shirts and much more!

• Winners will be chosen at random from correctly submitted entries

Happy hunting!

Visit these participating Decatur businesses during
this year's National Pollinator Week Scavenger Hunt (June 18-24)!

416 Church Street

180 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.

133A East Court Square

627 D East College Ave

707B East Lake Dr.

908 W. College Ave.

201 W. Ponce de Leon Ave.

245 E Trinity Place

141 E Trinity Place

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