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Film Clip:  The Hidden Beauty of Pollination

Pollination: it's vital to life on Earth, but largely unseen by the human eye. Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg shows us the intricate world of pollen and pollinators with gorgeous high-speed images from his film "Wings of Life," inspired by the vanishing of one of nature's primary pollinators, the honeybee.

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A Ghost In The Making

Everyone has heard about bee declines, but with so much attention focused on domesticated honeybees, someone has to speak up for the 4,000 species of native bees in North America. Natural history photographer Clay Bolt is on a multi-year quest to tell the stories of our native bees, and one elusive species – the Rusty-patched Bumble Bee – has become his ‘white whale.’

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Brilliant Bees

Join the Xerces Society's Matthew Shepherd as he explores the world of bees. From wild mountains to urban gardens, learn about the bees that you can find almost anywhere.

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The Solitary Bees

Georgia is home to some 500 species of native pieces. While this film showcases the fascinating behaviour and value of the solitary bees in the United Kingdom, it's still a great primer. Follow a variety of different species through their struggles to find resources, avoid death and create new life. Ideal for anyone who loves our bees and nature!

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BUMBLEBEES - The Secret World of Bees

This National Geographic film take an up close look at the behavior and biology of the BUMBLEBEES - experiencing their unique abilities and survival techniques.

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