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Mosquito Spraying Links

Pesticide Drift

Pesticide applicators are required to mitigate chemical drift. This means not spraying on windy days when chemicals can drift into non-target areas or neighboring properties. Residents who observe unwanted pesticide drift occurring in their yards can file a complaint with the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Complaints and Enforcement office’s KatiBeth Mims:  470-270-3044 or katibeth.mims@agr.georgia.gov

Her office will send someone to collect samples and, if evidence of drift is found, issue a warning to the operator.


For more information, see: http://agr.georgia.gov/pesticides.aspx

Build a Better Mosquito Trap

Honey Bee Kills

Beekeepers should report all bee kills at state and federal levels. In the state of Georgia, report bee kills to  the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Contact:  Rachel Futch at (404)-656-9371  |   rachel.futch@agr.georgia.gov

The email address for the Environmental Protection Agency is beekill@epa.gov.

The Honey Bee Health Coalition Quick Guide to Reporting a Bee Kill Incident is available to help beekeepers report an incident to the State, the EPA, and pesticide manufacturers as well as how to obtain non-governmental help..