Did you know that there are more operators licensed to spray for mosquitoes in Georgia than there are McDonald's restaurants?

Bee City USA®-Decatur, GA believes that the negative ecological impacts of the non-targeted, broad-spectrum insecticides commonly used in residential mosquito control are disproportionate to the threat – real or perceived – that mosquitoes pose. Foregoing the use of backyard pesticides in urban environments like Decatur is a vital first step city residents can take to help keep our community environmentally healthy and pollinator friendly.

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Mosquito spraying/ fogging/misting services are commonly advertised and marketed by appealing to homeowners’ fears of mosquito-borne illnesses. In reality, the risks posed by mosquitoes to Georgians are low when compared to other health risks. 

Position Paper

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Decatur Honey Bee Colony Kill (9/4/2018)

Georgia Department of Agriculture analysis determined this honey bee kill was the result of non-targeted exposure to pyrethroid insecticides commonly used in mosquito sprays, granules and powders including Bifenthrin (Talstar) and Lamda-Cyhalothrin (Demand CS, Cyzmic CS, Surrender CS, etc).